Product & Services

Assess and prepare facility and equipment

  1. Evaluate the school premises and facilities to develop the operational plan.
  2. Develop an operations’ plan.
  3. Develop an inventory to identify needs.
  4. Coordinate the cleaning and maintenance services for the available equipment.
  5. Coordinate the purchase and installation of additional equipment, if necessary.
  6. Develop educational and promotional materials.
  7. Redecorate the eating space.

Licenses and Permits

Quality Food Company Inc. will acquire and process all of the required authorizations, licenses, and insurances for the proper operation of the facility:

  • Merchant’s Registration Certificate from the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico Department of the Treasury
  • Municipal Business License
  • Use Permit issued by the Regulations and Permits Administration [ARPE, by its Spanish acronym] and issued by licensee.
  • Commonwealth of Puerto Rico Department of Health Sanitation License
  • Puerto Rico Firefighters’ Department Inspection Compliance and Permit
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Commonwealth of Puerto Rico State Insurance Fund Registration

 Cleaning and maintenance

Quality Food Company Inc. will design a solid waste management plan that will not interfere with the regular activities of your company or school. Our goal is to lower the environmental impact of solid waste production by:

  • installing recycling equipment;
  • removing garbage on a daily basis, as needed;
  • allocating personnel for garbage removal to ensure that garbage is removed from the cafeteria and deposited in containers without interfering with regular business or school activities; and
  • ensuring that the food service area, including trash bins, is left clean and without signs of trash before closing operations.

Workforce recruitment and training

As the current most innovative and top-notch food service industry company in Puerto Rico, we maintain a talented workforce to support strategic initiatives that continues to generate revenue, reduce costs, achieve customer-focused results, and improve service. Below is an example of the quality of the employees that will be working at Baldwin School. They are very well prepared in the academic field of food & beverages, production, and customer service, with vast experience in their areas. Furthermore, they are all fluent in English and Spanish.

Prior to starting work at the food facility, all personnel will receive a uniform and will participate in training modules designed and administered by Quality Food Company Inc. We have strict quality controls that include daily supervision of all personnel.

All Quality Food Company Inc. staff members have the following certifications:

  • Food Safety Certification
  • Criminal Record Negative Certification
  • Health Certificate