About Us

Quality Food Company Inc. is a private food service facility management enterprise. We meet the needs and high expectations of demanding clients and consumers by delivering unique menus with tasty products, creative food presentation, outstanding hygiene management, affordable prices, and fast quality service.

We are the best alternative to schools and companies that whish to optimize the eating experience of their students and employees. Our nutritious food variety promotes healthy eating habits, and with our optimized breakfast, snacks, and lunch menus, we reach the company’s main goal: healthy and energetic individuals, focused and alert.

Quality Food Company Inc. is a genuine and innovative alternative for administrators that want to optimize the food service experience, but who also need to reduce operating expenses.

Who we are?

Quality Food Company offers administrators the opportunity to delegate the management of their food service facility or cafeteria to us.

How do we work?

Quality Food Company assumes all responsibilities to establish and manage your food service facility.

Where are we?

Quality Food Company has become of the main food service industry companies in Puerto Rico, with seven facilities throughout the island.


Our clients

  1. Robinson School, San Juan (Condado)
  2. The Palmas Academy, Humacao (Palmas del Mar)
  3. V Suárez & Co., Bayamón
  4. Edificio Fundación Ángel Ramos, San Juan (Hato Rey)
  5. National Building, San Juan (Hato Rey)
  6. Fusion Restaurant in the premises of Hospital Auxilio Mutuo, San Juan
  7. Farmacéutica Neolpharma, Caguas
  8. Banco Popular de Puerto Rico, San Juan (Caparra Branch)